Wireless Keyboard 2.4G

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Wireless Keyboard 2.4G with Touchpad for Android

Mini Wireless Keyboard

Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard is a new hot product you must have if you own any Android device.  Enjoy the premium selection that you can find in this mini size Wireless Keyboard.  It is like having a full keyboard available in the palm of your hand.  Using this gadget you can tip text, enter instant messages, and input URLs, without leaving the comfort of you sofa.

A cool feature that was added to this wireless keyboard for android devices is the “Mouse wheel feature”.  This new feature can navigate easily on your web browser making your Internet experience simple and efficient.  All you have to do is to press the FN button, and swipe your fingers over the small screen, in the same way you would do it with your smart phone.  Through this way is even  easier to edit documents on the fly.

This is the accessory that you must have if you own any kind of IPTV Set-top box or Android box.  It runs with any version of XBMC; besides, it will help you to navigate on the menus and add text is easier.  In order to use this practical device, first you must fully charge its battery, then connect the USB receiver to one of the USB ports in the device you want to control, and finally turn the power on.  The best part about the mini keyboard is that it comes with a power saving mode.  If the unit is not been used, it will go into sleep mode until you touch it again.

What are you waiting for? Get yours now.

Other uses for your wireless keyboard include:

  • Create or edit emails.
  • Chat with friends.
  • Play games.
  • Compatible with desktop computers.
  •  Compatible with Windows and Linux operative system.
  • Compatible with Notebooks, Netbooks, and tablets.
  • Compatible with handhelds, running Android, and Windows Mobile.
  • Compatible  with Pocket PCs.
  • Supports Sony PS3 and XBOX 360.

Wireless keyboard recommended with the following IPTV Set-Top boxes.

  • Dreamlink T1
  • Avov Fuse
  • Avov TV Online Plus
  • Avov TV Online V2
  • Avov Vixo 2
  • Mag 254
  • Mag254 W1
  • Mag 254 W2
  • Mag 250
  • Mag 256
  • Magica ATV_585 Android
  • M8S Android

Your order will include:

  • Mini wireless keyboard
  • Instruction manual
  • Lithium battery
  • Charger cable
  • USB receiver


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